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Criminal and Professional Defense

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Criminal and Professional Defense

The United States has more prisoners than any other country in the world. The list of federal crimes seems to only grow in one direction—longer. As a result, increasing numbers of people and professionals are being brought before criminal or administrative courts, forcing them to defend their freedom or livelihood. Clint & Company believes that, for an attorney, there is no greater honor than to be selected to guard another person’s freedom.

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Fighting an unfair DUI

Clients often tell me that they want to see the body camera or dash camera from the police because it will prove their innocence. Sometimes, if there is video, it’s arguable whether it helps or hurts. But many times, those […]

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Criminal Defense FAQs

When it comes to cleaning up your criminal record, Florida has two separate, but similar procedures that are commonly confused. Sealing or expunging a criminal record can help some people move forward from an embarrassing and painful time in life. There are several considerations that you’ll want to discuss with an attorney before making this important decision.

When a court seals your case, it is prohibiting the general public from accessing the court records. When a court expunges your case, it is destroying the file.

First off, you cannot have ever sealed or expunged anything else. You will also need to determine whether your charge is eligible for either option. The statute provides a list, but an attorney can assist.

If you were arrested, but your case (1) was not filed, (2) was dismissed by the prosecutor or (3) the judge, or (4) you were found not guilty, then you are eligible to have your criminal record expunged.

If you were arrested and later found guilty by plea or verdict, and the adjudication was withheld, you are eligible to have your criminal record sealed.

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