CLINT & COMPANY values your privacy in every sense of the word. When it comes to our clients’ data, we employ a robust system of tools designed to prevent and deter data breaches. Maintaining those systems is just a small example of the commitment towards protecting your data. Staying up to date on the latest technology and security developments is an on-going job.

  1. Antivirus software – we use premium features including real-time scan file scanning, disk imaging, safe browsing protection and daily scheduled malware scans. This software extends to and protects the firm’s mobile devices and external drives.
  2. Firewall – effectively blocks incoming transmissions without authorization. Our version also actively monitors applications operating on the firm’s hard drives.
  3. Disk and Cloud back-ups – the firm has several regularly scheduled and interim back-up systems used to protect client data, case files and the IT framework. These include hard disk, cloud-based and others.
  4. Virtual private network – your internet provider knows every website you’ve ever been to, and a whole lot more. Because discretion is important, we use a VPN to protect our IP address used to handle client matters.
  5. Secure web hosting – we use SSL certificates to host our domain.
  6. Encryption – our hardware and software is protected by state of the art encryption used by Apple, a leading voice in the fight for privacy.
  7. Two-factor authentication – this reliable method drastically reduces most fraud (and slightly increases our annoyance, but it’s worth it).
  8. Password management – password managers offer encrypted services that create much safer passwords than most of us attempt.
  9. We will never sell your data.
  10. Common sense.